Dragging Robots?

So, in this video at around 50 seconds in, I (871X) dragged one of the opposing teams’ robots via mobile goal while they were trying to climb (before 30 seconds). Is this legal? What if they tip?

In the match, they yelled “noooo”, so I let go, but did I have to?

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From what I understand that doesn’t violate any rules and it part of the allowed contact

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Perfectly legal. Especially since it was a neutral mobile goal but it’s still legal to do for any other mobile goal type.


As long as it was before the last 30sec, there will be no violation.

And also, don’t be influenced or affected by what your opponents were shouting.

Play to the whistle - in this case, only what the referee says or shouted at matters. So if the referee did not say anything, then it is game on.


correct - referee should warn if infraction if possible - allow team to correct tactics.