Drawing on V5 Controller Screen


Is there any way to draw non-text objects, such as circles or lines, on the V5 controller screen?


Old demo code that I released during beta test.
graphics_1_VCS_100.vex (8.5 KB)

Do you mean the handheld one or the one on the robot? We’ve got two screens with the new system, and we’ve got a handheld controller and a robot controller for possible correct terminologies. As James points out, the one on the robot can do a lot. The one on the handheld controller cannot do such fancy drawings.

I was wondering about the handheld controller, so it looks like I won’t be able to do any fancy graphics, though I am now wondering if something like ASCII art could be used for rudimentary graphics… Probably not worth the hassle, but it would be interesting to explore. Do you know if the font on the handheld controller is fixed width (each character is a certain # of pixels wide), ie so if i set a character in a certain position within a string from blank to “O”, it will always be in the same place on the screen, regardless of the characters before it?

EDIT -> Assuming font isn’t fixed width, is the x value of setcursor independant of previous text on the line?

Oops, missed you said controller.

No, not possible.