Drawing Robot

Hi Everyone,

Taking a page from the virtual robot program that lets you draw. We’ve started making a robot that will lower and raise a dry erase marker so we can write on the floor.

Our goal is to write some words of encouragement around the school. Anyone try to do this with a physical robot?

Biggest issue i can see, is having the rotation messed up. So instead of a straight line of text it gets curved, and distorted. Any advice?

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Well I guess if you found the dimensions of the marker and come up with something to hold the marker, all you need to make it do in the simplest form is go up and down and rotate side to side.

Your first sponsor of this should be your head custodian at your school. Writing on the floors is a huge hassle for them, it makes their job much harder. “Think of unintended consequences”


Its dry erase. We’ll make another robot that follows the first around with an eraser.

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Everything is built, marker mechanism works as it should. Just have an issue with over rotation for some reason…

That is awesome and i wish you the best of luck

If you attach a knife instead of a marker it now has military applications as well

(this is a joke)