Dremel Blade Size n

Hey, What size Dremel blades do you guys typically use in order to cut steel/aluminum?

My team uses this for small adjustments:
Dremel EZ456B 1 1/2-Inch EZ Lock… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000FBLRVU

We also have a 6 or 8 inch (don’t remember exactly) miter saw to cut whole pieces of metal.

If you are cutting outside of the bot, in a vise, you’ve got more options.

More expensive up front, but the discs last FOREVER and cut 100x faster than a dremel. So, cheaper in the long run and saves tons of time.


We do use a dremel sometimes. When you need one… often nothing else will do. Ours is old enough to use the threaded mandrel and discs with just a round center hole. But we mainly use it with carbide cutters for elongating holes and making notches.


Made & donated this platform to cut metal on. Hold the metal w/ c-clamps. The filings/etc drop into the tray along with the piece you cut off.

One person holds the tray, and the other cuts/saws/files/etc.