Dremel Ultra

Interested if anyone has or does use a Dremel Saw (not the rotary) for cutting parts.

Such as the Dremel Ultra Saw


I have this and have the diamond coated blade for other things. It cuts through the VEX steel pretty easily. I bought it for making slits in thick wall copper and it does an awesome job on that. The diamond blades are 6-7 times the cost of the other metal blades.

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I have this saw, and I recommended it to anyone looking to buy a good Saw for VRC.

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I bought a refurbished version of this saw for 70 USD online, but in case if the price is too high, then I would recommend getting the [https://www.harborfreight.com/20v-hypermax-lithium-ion-cordless-4-12-in-angle-grinder-tool-only-63632.html] Brauer Grinder, which has the same exact quality as the Dremel Ultra saw

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Unless you own the Bauer line of products you also need the battery, charger and the blades putting you close to $100. Mine also came from a refurb for $70 and free shipping. Battery power would be better.

I think the guard / handle setup is a little better on the Dremel, bit thats a personal perference thing.

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