Dremel Ultra

Interested if anyone has or does use a Dremel Saw (not the rotary) for cutting parts.

Such as the Dremel Ultra Saw


I have this and have the diamond coated blade for other things. It cuts through the VEX steel pretty easily. I bought it for making slits in thick wall copper and it does an awesome job on that. The diamond blades are 6-7 times the cost of the other metal blades.

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I have this saw, and I recommended it to anyone looking to buy a good Saw for VRC.

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I bought a refurbished version of this saw for 70 USD online, but in case if the price is too high, then I would recommend getting the [https://www.harborfreight.com/20v-hypermax-lithium-ion-cordless-4-12-in-angle-grinder-tool-only-63632.html] Brauer Grinder, which has the same exact quality as the Dremel Ultra saw

Unless you own the Bauer line of products you also need the battery, charger and the blades putting you close to $100. Mine also came from a refurb for $70 and free shipping. Battery power would be better.

I think the guard / handle setup is a little better on the Dremel, bit thats a personal perference thing.