What is the best affordable Dremel for cutting c channels? Thanks

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Although not a dremel, you can buy a hack saw or tin snips for less than $15. To be frank, most dremels below $50 are very poor and break easily. I would recommend dremels that are roughly within the $70-100 range. Most dremels within that range on google are really nice.
I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Get a good vise and a hacksaw. Dremel is not that good at cutting c channels. Dremel multitool is ok at cutting aluminum channels, but hacksaw with good vise will always be faster.


Can confirm, hacksaws are really fast at eating through c channels. Less than 30 seconds if you get good enough at it.
Steel is an issue though


Yes but at the same time, steel C channels are usually not used for competition, and don’t need to be cut as often to meet size limits.


When cutting metal, beware of chips and grit getting into motors and electrical controls.


Yes so when I cut metal I would take the part off the robot before cutting, to avoid getting any wires. However if inevitable, I use vacuum after cutting to clean the robot.


also be wary of metal splinters. steel splinters are easy to get out of your hands, just use a magnet, but aluminum ones are not fun to remove.


I find that scissors can work pretty well sometimes

You mean tin snips?
I agree, if you get good enough, because if you arent that skilled at using them, then your cut pieces are just going to end up being junk

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