What Dremel do you guys use and what size Dremel bits do you use to cut aluminum and steel?

We use a band saw.

Specifically, we tend not to allow our students or teams attending our events to use things that throw sparks and metal anywhere except in the isolated band saw location, where innocent bystanders without their safety glasses on will not become casualties.

Thanks, but I’m still looking for Dremel.

This probably isn’t helpful given your last response, but I’d recommend a hacks saw with a good blade. They’re significantly safer (if you have a vice!), cheaper, lower maintenance, and cut faster. I can cut through a 2 by c channel in under 4 seconds with a hacks saw, it takes at least 30 with a dremel. If you’re interested in this option, I can link some good blades (a bad blade will cut much more slowly), if not, I can’t really help you :frowning:

Good luck!

I still don’t get the hacksaw thing, angle grinder all the way

I’m with @Robo_Eng_13 about the sparks. And I agree with @Anomaly on the hack saw.

It’s the right tool for the right job.

And angle grinders are death weapons, I’ve seen them flying around too, too many times.

Angle grinder is so powerful. I use a hacksaw when dealing with stripped screws, but angle grinder for everything else.

Oh that act makes sense for a use of a hacksaw, I just think for cutting metal in most situations an angle grinder is my go to.

I see no reason not to go all three, a hacksaw is good for cutting c channel lengthwise angle grinder is good for cutting half c and dremels are good at cutting small cuts or cutting something already on the bot

I use these heads

I mostly use them for Axel’s but there “ideal for metal”
There about an inch in diameter

My experience:

First Method: tin snips: ok for small cuts, but it can mangle the edges and bend them up and down.
Second method: hacksaw: works great for cutting aluminum. Steel dulls the blades.
Third method: Dremel with ceramic cutoff wheels: didn’t work, disk broke too quickly.
Fourth Method: Angle Grinder: too many sparks, and it left a massive burr on the edge of the metal.
My final method was a dremel and a reinforced cutting wheel. It works great. Make sure you wear safety glasses, I often had metal dust fly up towards my face,

Always wear safety glasses and have something to mask your face. Dremel exhaust or aluminium shavings will not benefit your health. A disposable mask or cloth to cover your face will do

If its your first time dremeling, then long sleeves might help to get used to the sparks.

If youre dremeling close to cortex or PDP, use paper to cover so aluminum shavings won’t go into electronics and potentially cause a short

we use a dremel saw max

Hehehehehe… we’ve used gardening shears before…

Bruh, our club has 2 dremels… we don’t need more lol

I thought the seniors took it

All this is good information anyway.

Sometimes a nice pair of bolt cutters is fun to use.

In my experience, Dremels are used in situations where hacksaws are not easily used. However, I also don’t like them. All the debris they throw is murder for all your parts, and students often fail to adequately cover parts that should not get metal filings in them.

You used one of them at the vex camp I thought

That was your personal dremel