Drive a VexBot around remotely at CoolTECH!

just what it says, I’ve been developing a web controlled robot which is basically a NetBook strapped to the top of a vex squarebot. you can drive it tomorrow from this web page:

Instructions for driving:
after everthings finished loading, you should have one box popup saying java is asking for permission to run stuff. allow and run everything. then flash will ask for permission to use your webcam, allow that. finally, hit the Connect button below the large robot view. after that, you can drive the robot with the arrow keys or WASD. you Might have to click on the text box in order for it to work.

if there are any problems, a refresh will usually fix them. please post any issues you run accross here. i’m working to improve the software

Try it out this Friday and see what you think :slight_smile:

for more information on the robot, check out the website:

This is a lot of fun guys! I myself am working on the 2.0 version (sadly wont use any VEX parts) In fact here is a little teaser of it (Since Chris doesn’t want full renderings being posted quite yet)

So now for the fun process of giving credit where its due!

Team 148 FRC Robowranglers robots and JVN’s Blog posts have had a VERY substantial influence on the design of this robot. In fact JVN might even like the frame :wink: (<- Teaser)

Between concepts from this years robot Raptor, and 2008’s Robot Tumbleweed we have made something we are pretty confident in as a Telepresence robot!

Enjoy the render

  • Andrew