Drive Award Idea? Maybe

In my opinion there are four main aspects to VRC. Building, Programming, Driving, and Notebooking. Maybe most of you will agree.

We have a Build award already.

We have a Design for Notebooking.

We have Think award for Programming.

BUT, No drive award!
I guess you could argue like the amaze award or something, but that is mostly for the most Competitive robot at the tournament, not solely based on Driving skill.

Criteria for this Award:

  • The recipient team must remain calm and collected during matches, and show that plenty of practice time has been set aside for driving.
    *The team has proved match after match that the robot does not necessarily have to be the best built and functioning, but instead a little strategy and driving skill will win out in the end.
  • Demonstrates a unique compassion for the performance of the robot during a competition.
  • Interview quality and team professionalism.

Anyway, just want to hear ya’lls thoughts! This thread is mostly for fun.


this is a great idea, although some might argue its difficult to watch for driver skill, and be able to differentiate the skill level of the driver from the robot itself.


Good idea!

Maybe the ref could look at for a team that would qualify during matches?

Isn’t that… Winning?


Isn’t this one half of robot skills?


good point. although, driver skills isn’t entirely based on driver performance, but also the quality of the bot.

Yeah, the thing with that is it’s a one, maby two, person award, something the recf doesn’t like


For most teams this is true; i.e, I couldn’t make a list of all the teams in a tournament ranked from worst to best based on driver skill, but in most cases, people can tell who’s the best at driving. (hopefully)

also a valid point. It would be a cool award but very hard to do.

This is the pro console gamer award.

They have each driver drive a clawbot and see who gets the most points in 1 minute lul


I always thought it would be fun to have the teams from the finals at worlds to run a match of the new game with clawbots at the game unveil.


yes… an even playing field would be nice…

Vex definitely not Pay-to-Win now…


I’d argue that this isn’t VEX Robotics’ goal - just about everywhere you see them talk about solving the stem problem. That’s what the awards now are based upon. the build, design, and code of the robot promotes stem fields while a driver award does not.


True… This is just for fun tho. I see what you mean.

now two things about this, wouldn’t this just be a design award if this is judging the drive of the robot, or is this an award judging the driver?

This is judging the driver’s skill. and why would it be a design award?

I think that this could easily get mixed up with how good a robot is. A driver could be bad with a good robot and seem better than someone with a bad robot but is amazing and driving, but can only work with what they have.

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In in the zone I saw a guy at a local tournament finangle a mogo with 2 cones on it into the 20 point zone.

Not to steer the conversation off topic, but I’m pretty miffed that vex just put instructions on their site in how to build a competitive robot. I feel it isn’t fair for people like us to spend time designing a quality robot only to have instructions allowing people to instantly make something they would otherwise have had to develop.

Edit: apparently this bot wasn’t quite as good as i thought never mind