Drive code not driving

So we are having a frustrating issue where everything but our drivetrain works in the drive code. We know it’s not mechanical or electrical because it works in driver control. This is what our code looks like.

Any help is appreciated

How do you have the controller set up? Have you selected a stick control mode in the controller?

Have you made sure this code is exactly the same as the driver code?

What? I’m sorry I don’t quite understand

Yes, here is how the controller Is

set up.

My team had the same issue and the problem was our autonomous had a port different than our driver which made it work on the driver but not the autonomous.

This is our driver code

Sorry I thought it was autonomous because you said it works in driver control and when you click on the brain does it not give any error settings.

It looks like your controller setup is as I’d expect it to be. What happens if you remove the “drive” blocks from your top “When Started” block? In particular the drive velocity and turn velocity blocks, those could potentially interfere with controller commands, since generally the velocities are set by control stick motions.


What they meant was the “Driver Control” menu option for operating the robot, as opposed to using a programming slot with a program aimed for driving the robot.

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Ok, so I removed those blocks and it now drives, it’s just now it drive backwards

@Kajunii42 I can give you my dead band code that works really well for response times. But please dm me.

Woohoo, good guess by me! In the drivetrain setup, just click the other arrow that is above or below the robot (whichever one is not selected) and it should be fixed.

Oooh, I would love to see that. Ours is almost done, it’s just after we rebuilt with a high hang for worlds it stopp3d working on the drive code.

Just Dm me, I can hand it off.

Wait, I don’t quite get what your saying, can I have just a bit more detail?

Ahhhhhh I get it Tsym!

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You’re welcome! It would be good to mark my first suggestion with removing the blocks as a solution, so that other’s can quickly find that if they run into a similar problem. :slight_smile:


Yea thanks for the reminder. It’s still being confusing as we changed the direction of the arrow and it’s still going backwards. Any suggestions?

All the times I’ve done that in the past with the drivetrain, swapping the arrow direction just works. Make sure after changing the arrow direction that the updated program downloads correctly, that’s the only thing I can think of that would cause it not to work (if it wasn’t downloaded or didn’t download correctly).