Drive direction not changing

Using iqblocks to program. no matter what we do with the direction arrows on the drive train, the joystick movement is backwards. Using tank mode.

Are your motors reversed? Check the device setup and check the motors. Typically, one of the drive motors should be marked as “reversed”. This is based on the orientation of the motor.

We are using IQ Blocks and it doesn’t give you that option. Only able to select what is the front of the robot. But no matter which you pick as the front, it still goes in the wrong direction.

I suggest you verify that the motor on the left on the robot is also on the left in the drivetrain configuration, and likewise for the motor on the right. Getting that backwards can often yield confusing results.

Are you using the motor setup option or the drivetrain setup option? On the motor setup option, it’s right there and you slide the switch from “Normal” to “Reverse”. If you are using the drivetrain setup, you click on the arrow behind the robot icon. That will indicate the motors are reversed.

We are using the drive train option.

The arrows have no effect .

Can you post your program file to test?

Hmmm… those 2 options would deal with the orientation of the motors, if they’re placed on the inside or the outside. Maybe they’re wired incorrectly. Can you post a picture of the robot, and the drivetrain setup screen?

Yes it is real strange. Have 3 robots, 2 of which are having the problem due to the fact that the motor drives a center gear which drives the 2 outer gears/wheels and the direction has to be reversed. Running the latest version from the web site of IQBLOCKS. I have tried changing the direction on all 3 with the same results. Even using different computers for each.

What about the specific motors in 1 and 6? Can you access them as devices, but not in the Drivetrain? If so, there ought to be a little toggle at the bottom of the window showing Forward - Reverse.

Thanks for sharing these. Your set up looks correct. I see you have the physical motors on the inside, and with the gearing in the center that would mean forward spin on the left would cause the wheels to spin in reverse, and forward spin on the right with a center gear would cause the motors to go forward.

I haven’t tried this particular setup, and I’m not with any robots or parts right now so can’t quickly set one up. Have you tried creating a new program but using Motor device set up instead of Drivetrain setup? For motor setup you would reverse the left motor since forward spin on that would have wheels go in reverse while right motor’s forward spin would have wheels going forward.

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