Drive for nbn robot

Currently, my team is using a 4 omni-wheel chassis. (All facing same direction)
We recently got some mecanum wheels And we are planning ti make instead a 6-motor chassis. First, the mecanum wheels in their normal set-up, then the omniwheels in the middle on both sides. Does anyone know if it’ll work? Because I’d like to know some of the pros and cons of this design before I build/prototype this.

I personally would do a 6 motor omni drive to keep uniformity but its up to you. I just dont really see that much benefit from using mecanum wheels though

It depends on the design of your robot. If you are a field bot, it would make more sense to have a fast 6 motor drive with omni-wheels, maybe even an x-drive for maneuverability.

Also a forewarning i tried adding omni wheels to my mecanum chassis but the omnis wheels are slightly bigger in diameter so it acts as a center drop causing the robot to rock around the center omni.

Ok, gotcha! We’re going to make a field bot (that can also launch full/half court) we’re planning to just do the normal mecanum chassis, as it’ll be easier to position on the field. Thanks!

If you want to be able to strafe and be a field bot, a 6 motor x drive might be a much better option than a 6 motor mecanum drive, since mecanum drives tend to not be able to strafe as well as you increase the speed and decrease the torque.

We’ll try that, also, wont it be difficult to climb ramps for lifting robots? Also what are some pro’s and cons of a mecanum chassis and Holonomic chassis? Is the holonomic chassis relatively easy to build?

In my opinion if built correctly a X-Drive takes up less space than a mecanum tank drive and goes faster because of the virtual gearing of 1.4.

I wouldn’t say the 1.4 times faster thing is an advantage of x drives. It’s pretty much just like having a 1:1.4 gear ratio, so you could do that with a tank drive and it would be the same

Well, yes, you could, but first off, that’s a 7:5 gear ratio, so it takes up a lot of room. Also, an x-drive reduces the need for a turret, since the entire robot can be facing one direction and moving in another. You can therefore point the robot at the goal and drive along the tape, or anywhere else, just like you would with a turret, except it’s much easier. You can play offense (shooting) while playing defense (nudging another robot’s corner and turning it). While a tank drive is very useful, and what my team uses, an x-drive can also be useful in some designs.

Right now we’re deciding between mecanum and x-drive (or holonomic drive). We would like to do an x-drive, but we’re worried about where our intake would go, we’re thinking of just putting one in the front, but it’ll be quite small. We’re using a double flywheel design, and we were planning for the intake to have a “conveyor lift” similar to what 929W did for their summer reveal, and the intake wheels/flaps. And the conveyor would lift/roll the balls into the launcher.
Here’s a design I saw, we’ll modify the front so we could fit an intake on there;

For the drive, I would recommend removing that recessed bar and mounting your intake there. Also, replace the bendy plate with the Cortex and battery with a c-channel, and rotate it 90° to link the left and right sides of the drive. You can then move it back as far as you want to make room for the conveyor and intake.