Drive Motor RPM cartridges discussion

I know a vex AI team who where talking about 8 motor 600 rpm but almost a different game

Why though for vex ai its all autonomous so wouldn’t that make it harder to program. Sure you could use free-spinning wheels but your limiting a lot of room at that point.

I am not on that team and don’t know how it would work or the programing behind it. but the idea would be get mogos fast reallllly realllllllly

me? no. I took it to the lunchroom late after school once, and I stood at the top of the stairs overlooking the lunchroom while absolutely sending it and taking a wide drift all the way around the end of the lunch room.
I was able to get it 100% up to speed through a program that repeatedly looped an increase velocity (until 100%) command.
It could’ve been done better with an aluminum chassis and more motors.

I have a video of it but idk how to share it without revealing my email :confused:

thats so epic XD
did it crash into any tables?

to get the video into vexforum without revealing your email download it and upload it into here

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Well anyway the video is of the first time I drove it. I was in a classroom and it had tank controls instead of RC controls. Being so fast, it was very touchy and extremely hard to control. I never got it up to speed in the video, but the agility, speed potential, and driff that it had is obvious.
Yes, it smashed quite a few tables, tumbled down a short flight of stairs, and even took a chunk out of my hand when I was holding the end of a school entrance-rug up as a ramp.


Upload it to youtube or Google drive and post a link here.


I was concerned that google drive would give my email address away bet eh, what the heck


Well it did give away your address and probably mine
Edit: It wont play either
Double edit: I made a copy and it worked

It says I don’t have access to the file.

I changed access cuz @dodgedoodle said it gave away my address
if you requested access, it did give me your email, but I don’t have a way to connect an email to a your username

edit: I intentionally broke the link. DM me if you would like to see the vid.


Thanks! It works now.

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