Drive motors overheating after about 60 seconds

My robot’s tank drive features 6 motors. Motors are connected with 36 tooth gears and then chain linking to the wheels at a 2:1 ratio. I thought that 3 torque motors per side would be sufficient for the 2:1 speed driving task. After about 60 seconds into a match the motors would overheat. Has anyone else run into a similar situation? I would also love to get some feedback on changes I can make too!

IMO, turbo motors with 2:1 external is a bit much. If you’re doing that then I think at least 8 motors is needed (depending on how heavy the robot is). However, I don’t know why you need to be the robot that fast. Either use 8+ motors, or maybe get rid of the 2:1 external part to keep them from stalling as much.

We used a 1:1 drive ratio with omni wheels so they don’t burn out as much during SS last season. It looks like you are dealing with too much weight on the top which puts stress on the axles and in turn, stressing the motors. I also think that using 6 motors on the drive is too many motors, cause that only leaves 4 motors for the lift mechanism.

6 motors on the drive is definitely not too many, and most lifts don’t even need 4 motors. 2 motors should be more than enough to lift a cone.
@3815Alex It seems to me that rather than the gear ratio being too fast, it is a mechanical problem. If your chain is too loose, your drive train is inefficient and more likely to burn out. If the chain is too tight, then there will be a lot of friction, and the drive chain is more likely to burn out. If you find the perfect spacing and tension, 2:1 with 6 motors should work fine. I know a few teams that used 2.4:1 with 6 motors and they pulled it off, so you should be able to get it to work.

it can lift a cone, but it may give problems.

My team is currently using a 1 motor chain bar and 1 motor claw, it is not super fast but it can be a lot faster. 4 motors is way more than you need to stack cones. My plan for the future is 1 motor chain bar, 1 motor vertical extension (not needed at this point in the season), 1 motor claw, 1 motor mobile goal lift, 8 motor drive.

a 6 motor drive would be efficient in moving around, like for an event similar to SS or NBN, but it can provide a…
wait a second
I’m an idiot
I completely forgot that you can have 12 motors without pneumatics
I apologize for my stupidity
I tend to forget things very easily.
especially when I’m tired or can’t brain.