Drive Motors reversed after firmware update to v1.06


After updating my firmware on 2 VEXIQ clawbots (from v1.01 and v1.03 respectively) to v1.06, the drive motors are reversed. The v1.06 firmware updater also updated the motors and currently reflects the brain, controller, and motors as up to date.

Is there a bug in the v1.06 firmware code similar to the v1.02 firmware?

Thanks in advance.


We are currently investigating the root cause behind this issue. In the meantime, you can solve this problem by following this procedure:

  1. Connect only the Robot Brain (do not connect motors/sensors/Controller) to your computer and launch the VEX IQ Firmware Update Utility.
  2. Download and unzip the attached “228-2540_MotorDirectionRestore.bin” file from this message to your computer.
  3. Go to Update > Update from File > Robot Brain and browse to the “228-2540_MotorDirectionRestore.bin” file you just downloaded, then click open.
  4. After the Robot Brain has finished installing this file, now click the Update button to reinstall v1.06 firmware. The problem should now be resolved.

Edit: If the attached file does not correctly download, please use the following link:…


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The latest version of the Robot Brain firmware (v 1.07) includes a bug fix to correct the remaining motor reversal issues. 1.07 includes additional options to reverse drive train motors in the Driver Control > Configure menu.

Drive FWD: Normal or Reverse is used to change the directions the motors spin when you push “forward” on the Joystick. If the left and right motors are correct, but the robot is driving backwards instead of forwards, change Drive FWD to Reverse.

DriveTurn: Normal or Reverse is used to swap left and right motors. If the robot correctly drives forward but the left and right motors are swapped, change DriveTurn: Reverse to correct this.


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