Drive motors won't turn at all on ports 1 and 6

We updated the firmware and the motors got reversed. Tried recalibrating the joysticks to see if that would fix problem but it did not. Then I saw the post on here about others having the reverse problem and followed the instructions in that post. Now motors won’t turn at all on ports 1 and 6. Please help. We just got this thing earlier this week. My son was all excited but is now very frustrated.

Update: I switched to Left Stick mode instead of Two stick mode and it started working (but still reversed) switched back to two stick mode and it is still working (but still reversed). Any idea why it would still be reversed, even after following these instructions:…pdate-to-v1-06

Hi campkev,

This is a very strange issue. Are your motors reversed front/reverse (robot goes backwards when joystick pushed up) or are your motors reversed left/right (right turns left when it should turn right)?

Were the motors working correctly before the firmware update?

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Please note that the latest version of the Robot Brain firmware (v 1.07) includes additional options to reverse drive train motors in the Driver Control > Configure menu.

Drive FWD: Normal or Reverse is used to change the directions the motors spin when you push “forward” on the Joystick. If the left and right motors are correct, but the robot is driving backwards instead of forwards, change Drive FWD to Reverse.

DriveTurn: Normal or Reverse is used to swap left and right motors. If the robot correctly drives forward but the left and right motors are swapped, change DriveTurn: Reverse to correct this.


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