Drive Practice

How do you all practice driving effectively? Since driving is a pretty big part of being successful in vex, it would be nice to see how people practice to get good.

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We practice by giving our driver the controler, power on the robot, and say “get that cube” or “put that cube in this tower”. You need to point at the game element he will be working with though. And it takes 2+ people

We often use different methods for drive practice. The first is driving skills runs. There are some days where we will drive 10+ skills runs. Whenever you need work on a single element, like just stacking, we will have the drivers put up stacks in all 4 goal zones over and over. The best way to practice is to scrimmage. If you have the parts and extra team members, have them build a robot to scrimmage against. If you don’t have enough parts, find a way to simulate gameplay. Last year, we had my little brother, who is a little league pitcher, stand at the back of the field and continually throw balls at the flags and this is what truly prepared us for how quick the robots were at worlds.


You’ll need more than 2 for sure. Just have all of the other members standing around you and screaming and pointing at things. To simulate that competition backseat driver feel.


I am programmer, not driver, but when our driver drives, about 10 people are yelling at him to do things. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s useful to have practice matches against other robots if your school/organization has multiple teams. As for the drive team, you want to have effective communication between members so maybe have three people on the drive team. One driver plus two “coaches”. One coach advises the driver on what to do next since you can have extreme tunnel-vision when driving. The other coach watches the scores and advises the driver based on that (for example, tells the driver to focus on stacking green cubes since they are in a lot of towers).

My team has 2 types of practice: skills practice and competition practice.

Skills practice: one person times the other person while they drive. It is a simulation of skills.

Competition practice: one driver versus one or two humans on the other side, playing against the robot. The opponent humans have restrictions, such as only being able to stack 11 cubes or only being able to reach 2 of 3 levels of towers. Then the opponent humans are given a strategy, so the driver has to plan against the opponents and find a way of beating them.
This has worked WONDERS on our strategy.


If you have two or more robots with tower capabilities something fun to do is kinda like a control point game where after a certain time whoever has the most towers with their color wins. It it really good at speeding up your tower times plus descoring,

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Just keep practicing skills runs. That’s one of the most efficient ways that we’ve found to work for driver practice and improving skills score. You practice the basic motions for all aspects of the game with skills, and you can refine your driving capabilities by doing it with great repetition.

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