Drive setup

I had a question concerning x-drives. In the same way that tank drives are faster at turning, will offsetting the relative vertical and horizontal distances affect turning speed within an xdrive? This would change the angle the wheels are at tangent to the turning diameter. Furthermore, a radius between the wheels and center that is smaller would theoretically be faster at turning. This radius idea could also be applied to tank drives when they turn. I noticed this idea furthermore during nothing but net, when our turbo drive would burn out more when turning because our wheels were closer together length wise than width wise. Could this be the reason why our drive burnt out while turning? [attachment:572ae54770794][attachment:572ae889e34e9]

Yes and No… Yes, you need to make sure that your drive is well built an evenly built. But, no at the same time because there are many reasons could burn out, it could be that, but, it is a bit hard to differ between each of the things that could be happening with your drive.