Drive Speed Problem

I’m trying to help a middle school team that is having drive speed issues with limited time to fix it. They have a moderately heavy robot, 2 wheel rear drive chained to their front wheels and their drive velocity in their code set to 100%. The robot drives great without a goal, but once they pick one up or start pushing one around the field, their drive speed drops significantly and it’s just painful to watch them try to drive around. Their wheel motors have standard green cartridges and are not geared. Would it be worth the time to switch to blue gear cartridges in the motors to try to get more speed? Or maybe red for more torque? They don’t have the time to figure out a way to add external gears, so that’s not really an option unfortunately. Are there any other ideas they should consider?

Is it possible to add a motor attached to a sprocket in the middle of where the chain is now?

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The problem is that 2 motor drive is not good for this years competition, if it needs to be two motor, then switch to red motors. I would say do at least 4 motor drive


2 motor simply does not generate enough torque. You can either add motors, or gear for torque (red cartridge), but your overall drive speed will drop with that.


We’re running the same setup our bot is slow af but it works for the way our bot is set up the only way it will work with that setup is a half external gear down or just swap to a red cartridge

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Their robot slows down because there is not enough torque to move all of the payload of both the robot, and the goal. I would recommend running red cartridges which are half the speed but double the torque. Something that you could try is setting the max torque in the code, IDK if it will help but try it out it pretty quick however your battery will drain quicker, and your motors will get hotter faster.

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