Drive towers in Tipping Point?

We are assembling our field and I don’t see any mention of the location of the drive control towers. In all past games, they at least showed up in the cad drawings or renders, but I don’t see them this year. I just re-watched the game reveal video and they were not shown there either.

Am I missing something or have they been removed or made remote from the field?

As long as the drive towers do not interfere with game object and game play you should be fine. Locate one per alliance side with cable long enough for drivers to be able to control their robots comfortably from their Alliance Station (two configurations this year).

If you have a field monitor, good to place it so it does block audience view of the game play and is visible to both alliance teams.

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Recommended field monitor location is shown in the instructions as usual, just not the towers which seems odd.

In Appendix A tower locations are illustrated on Blue Alliance side… Red seems missing, but I would put it in similar location.:


Good catch! I don’t think that shows up in any other pictures or renders. Thanks!