Drive train friction being weird

Our drive train was working fine for the last month, being practically frictionless. However, recently the right side of the drive has increased a lot in friction, which has begun to mess up our autonomous. After taking off a couple wheels, I noticed that there is some torn holes on the c channels, but this doesn’t affect the other wheels. It is mainly the central traction wheel that is causing the increase and friction, and bearing flats haven’t helped. Is there a way to fix this?

we had a similar issue but it actually had two causes. 1. It is hard to see in the photo but if you are using screw joints with hex nuts(they are like nylocs but without the nylon) they can tighten over time. Another issue we had was when our motor caps unscrewed over time and jammed into our gears even though you probably would see this

It looks like your back c channel is bent which is causing your dt to bend outwards