Drive Train Gear Ratio not resulting in accurate travel when programmed

Hi, The robot I built I used the 60 tooth gear on the motor driving 36 tooth gears on the wheels. I entered the ratio as 5:3. When I tell it in programmed mode to travel 10" it is moving closer to 6". I changed the ratio to 1:1 (which i know is not correct), and then it moved about 16.5".

Any ideas what I am doing wrong. Or is there some glitch in the software.

I am doing this VEXcode IQ Blocks. With Vex IQ robot.

Fortunately the kids robots are all using 1:1 so this wont effect them.

yes, unfortunately it’s a bug in IQ blocks code generation.

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Any idea if this glitch also effects turning? I am guessing it will.

yes, it would.
The issue is that gear ratio was being applied to both motor and drivetrain, the blocks team should have a fix sometime this month.


As for now, would entering the square root of the ratio work?