Drive train ideas

I would like to test as meany drive systems as I can for next years FTC session. What types are there (I don’t care if they are made with vex parts or not, all I wont is the concept)?

Drop center, dragon, holinomic, what do you want to do?

Anny thing.

I have a 10+ page section about our tests in our engineering notebook. Here are a few - quick researching can get you more information. :slight_smile:

  1. Straight Drive
  2. Plus Drive
  3. X Drive (Holonomic)
  4. Drop Center
  5. Half Drop Center
  6. Straight / Holonomic (Similar to Trinity Dragons 6430)
  7. Dragon Drive
  8. Mecannum Wheel Drive
  9. Chained Drive

There are many more and I’ll edit this as I think of more.

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Google frc different drive trains, there are alreafy threads out there.

What is a “Dragon drive”?

Correct me If I’m wrong, but a Dragon Drive is where you have the back 2 wheels as if you were running an X-Drive, but the front 2 as if you were running tank. I believe 6430 uses this to align for hanging as it fits in the corner fairly nicely.

@Inventer bots yeah, its any 1/2 holonomic 1/2 straight drive, wjich also includes mechanums

Don’t forget kiwi drive

What’s kiwi drive?

A triangular drivetrain with three omni wheels.

my favorite is one that trips all my ptcs.

Our early robot this year had a kiwi drive - and then all of the drive motors burned out. Other than that it’s pretty cool.

Our Kiwi drive Starstruck robot -

We tried a dropcenter this year for starstruck and it would be a good fit if you want your robot to move very fast.