Drive train keeps breaking

We are having trouble with the drive train breaking. Our kids can only drive the robot for 30 seconds before the drive train breaks again. Any ideas on what we can do so that the kids can practice driving their robot?

Hi @Brytnie_Carolan, I’m going to guess that your roboteers have built the sample robot. We call it the hero bot. It’s the finest robot you can design with the limited parts in the kit.

But the Snap Shot robot for Slapshot has issues. But these issues are all teaching moments. Why does that come apart? How can we make it stronger (more pins, more corners, bigger plates, adding supports, etc).

It’s part of the iteration cycle to make the robot better. It’s a huge frustration point, by it can be a huge learning point. I start my IQ roboteers with

"This is a beginning robot, minimal parts, minimal design, its for you to learn how to build robots and snap things together. Once you learn those skills you’ll start designing and building your own robots that will be much better. "