Drive Train Not Going Straight

My drive train is not going straight. How do I fix it? Please help:(

It goes without saying that the two sides have to be the same, but you should make sure that one doesn’t have added friction. This could be a bent axil or incorrect spacing.

After that check that all your motors are working properly and that they aren’t over heating.

Also you should make sure that code turns all the motors in the correct direction and at the rights speed.


It’s really weird. I have checked for friction but there is actually more friction on the side that is supposedly going faster.
Both motors are fine. Spacing is a bit loose but that’s an easy fix.
I’m considering rebuilding since I cannot seem to locate the problem.

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To add to @Codec first line. Alignment issues are another area that can cause friction and performance problems. I would check that your robot is square. The chassis rails (compare left and right) are parallel and the individual motor mounts / wheels are straight.


Exactly why I am considering a rebuild

How do you suggest I do the measuring to make sure that the c channels are parallel

Cross measure to check for square.

How to check for square on a four sided frame

To form a square or rectangle frame both the outside rails should be the same length, the left front to the right front and the left back to the right back of the robot should be spaced apart equally.

Once everything is bolted together (not too tight yet) check the structure is square, simply measure from front right corner to back left corner. Now measure for front left to back right, if the measurements aren’t the same, pull the long corner towards the middle of the structure until they even out. When these two measurements equal each other then your frame is square.


This happened to me last year. If you have a chain in it replace the chain with fresh chain and you might just have to rebuild each side if you can’t see an error in spacing or find where the friction is coming from if replacing the chain doesn’t work.

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Are you using V5 or the old motors?

Are they all have the same gears / cartridges?

If one of the motors have high gears it will overheat first.


thx guys I fixed it by rebuilding. I checked and found that the problem seems to be with the spacing between the 4 c channels. There’s a standoff between the 2 c channels on both sides at the very front but none at the back. this is an issue because the standoff is slightly longer than the 5-hole spacing between the bars and it caused the chassis imperfection.


If it’s a 4 or more motor drive make sure you didn’t accidentally put a high speed motor set on one side and then another high speed motor AND a low speed motor on the other side. Can’t say how many times I’ve made that mistake.


The motors are correct. Plus we are a 2 v5 motor drive.

If you could post a picture that would be really helpful.

u screw one screw not so tight first, the check if the square at the other hole is aligned (use a screw driver as a lever to push the edges around) , then screw both tightly

Make sure the motor types are the same, all torque, high speed or turbo, red, green or blue gears. Also make sure that both sides have equal spacing the base is symmetrical.

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