Drive Train RPM

if the speed and torque are roughly the same, the acceleration should also be the same.
assuming the robot has the same weight of course.

If acceleration becomes a problem, lower the weight on your bot(part of building well)


I would never go faster than 360 rpm on a 3.25" tank drive (blue on a 5:3 reduction), and for x drive, greens (283 rpm equivalent) are usually good enough.

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@Dom2011C they definitely need your input on this. 400rpm is good and definitely not overkill

Hello yes 400 is fast but driver practice and a fairly light robot to compensate for motors burning out/heating up will do it good. Scoring fast is a big aspect to competing irl.


400 is overkill for new teams no doubt. and very arguably for experienced and good teams

I use a 200rpm 4 inch x drive (the equivalent of 282 Rpms) and it took a couple hours to get used too.

If you want to go fast create some custom gussets that are 50 degrees so you have a forward direction thats 1.55 Ish times faster than a 200 rpm drive. (Do what ever wheels you want) and a strafing speed of 1.3 ish times faster than a tank 200 rpm drive.

Anyways xdrives let you create custom speeds and makes it easier to make small adjustments when approaching something quickly. You can also manipulate your momentum around corners and keep the same orientation and outmaneuver your opponents.

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Even if built with an extremely light bot, it will still have way worse acceleration than 200rpm, which isn’t even going to be the bottleneck for a new team anyways. If anything, they are going to spend too much time working on the drive train when they should really be working on other aspects of the robot.