Drive train size

What are the pros and cons of a smaller chassie over a full length one.

Edit by smaller i mean 25 long by 35 wide

Pro: Speed and agility (bob and weave)
Con: Tip like there’s no tomorrow

That’s where the anti pegs come in

Look at our chassis lol… we haven’t tipped yet… idk how we haven’t lol

I think a primary reason to use a smaller drive base is to open up more room for other subsystems, such as a bigger intake.

You don’t have to use only 25 or 35 hole chases. On 25 hole metal you can mount the wheels so they are fully inside the 12.5 inches, which gives you an 8.5 inch support base using 4" wheels, or you can mount the wheels on the ends of the 25 hole beam, which would give you all 12 inches for a support base

Pretty much this. Last year we, as usual, started with a full-size drive. We ended up cutting it back so our rubber band intake could stick out over the front, which made it MUCH easier to intake and was one of the things that made us about 50% more efficient between State and Worlds (the other being increased speed).