Drive Train Struggles

My team has finished building and coding our drive train but it does not work. The drive train uses mechanim wheels to strafe and an arcade style controller layout. Currently only the two back wheels will rotate and the robot is incapable of strafing. So far we have tried: adjusting the code to be similar to a previous code for the same kind of drive train and controller layout, replacing the brain several times, and adding a deadband variable set to 5 to the program. All to no avail. Does anyone know what might be wrong?

May we get some pictures and also try increasing your gear ratio so it has some power to move the bot.

Which would not increase the power supplied to each wheel, rather the overall speed it has. More motors would mean more power. And with a mecanum drivetrain, it’s really only feasable to have 1 motor per wheel (or 2 for an 8 motor drivetrain but that’s gonna be super rare this season).

OP I would recommend posting a picture of your drivetrain setup and your code so we can better diagnose your problem. We cannot help you without you first helping us.


One thing that can gelp with strafing is on each side you need a wheel wirh the little wheels facing left ando ine facining right so it makes a diagnol line

Only the last two motors are spinning? You might want to double-check your wiring, and test the motors themselves, first and foremost.

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Heres a picture of the drive train

Here’s a picture of the code

  1. That if statement saying
    forward & turn & strafe > deadband
    is not correct, I believe you are meaning Abs(Forward+turn+strafe) > deadband
    Which means that it will be comparing the absolute value of the drive values is greater than the deadband

  2. it might help to add some weight, sometimes it doesnt work properly if there’s not enough weight


This tutorial covers Mecanum drivebases very well


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