Drive train with 4 motors programmed or not?

Okay, so our team is trying to add two(2) more motors to our drive train. Do we have to program the controller with the motors? or can we just connect them to ports 7 and 12? Lastly will this increase the speed of our robot? Thanks for any help.

You can use the standard drive program with four motors, as long as the motors are in the correct ports. (1 and 7 on the same side, and 6 and 12 on the same side). I would recommend moving to a program, as it allows for much more customization and it will help the kids with their progress in robotics. It will NOT necessarily increase the speed of your robot. The motors will still spin at the same speed. It will double the power. So, if the robot was too heavy for the two motors to run efficiently before, adding two more motors will increase the speed, by allowing all of the motors to run at full power. If the two motors were running efficiently, then the speed will stay the same.

Okay, Thank You.
Are there any good resources online for the programming?

This is a good start for RobotC: The RobotC sample programs are also helpful.

@Apachebot remember if you use the standard program to setup the inverted motors via the Brain screen. In the case that you have motors on the same side running different directions.

@TriDragon I’m not sure what you mean? Also I have seen a lot of chain and sprocket drive trains in competitions, is there any advantage to this? Thanks for all the help.

I wouldn’t call it an advantage, just different. Our kids use chain and sprocket, or just direct gear drive.
What I meant by reversing the motors is that there are times that you may have one motor going in one direction and another a second direction on the same drivetrain depending upon how it is setup, so you need to reverse them.

Okay. Thank you.