drive train

Yesterday at a competition the left side of our drive train would unexpectedly stop
4 393 hs geared for torque with an external gearing of like 3:1 for speed on ports 1 and 3 and 9 and 10

which size wheels were you using? gearing sounds like it might be a little fast

The gearing is at 2.3:1. What i was thInking was that its geared too high, it kept overheating. I was thinking to reducE the ratio to 1.6:1. So like snuss said its with 4 393 motors at torque setting, 4 wheel drive, the robot is fairly heavy.

We have 4" omnis

Speed gearings are never good for heavy objects.

it was too fast for the weight of your robot
like you said, 1.6:1 is a much better and more reliable ratio to use

Ok I understand that but how come only one side would work and do you think we blew out are motors or anything

that one side most likley had more friction (too many spacers, too tight chain, ect)
and your motors didnt “blow” the breakers just tripped so you were only temporarily disabled

But if we reduce our gearing it should be fine?

Yes. And make sure there is no access friction on the side that stalls out


Take off motors, spin by hand. If one side spins slower/more difficult than the other, something’s rubbing.

Will do thanks