Drive Train

I have a six wheel drive with a load of about 10lbs the way I have my motors set up now is one high strength and one metal motor linked together by six toothed sprockets and on the high strength motor I extended the shaft which has a cut 18 toothed sprocket or the gray sprocket linked down to a 12 toothed sprocket the motors overheat and I can’t add or take away any motors any suggestions please help:)

From what you said I think your problem is that your wheels have uneven amounts of speed going to them. I might have understood something wrong.Could you maybe draw a diagram to illustrate how your base is set up?

Sure give me 10 minutes

Is the wheel on the 12-toothed sprocket?

Also, how do you know the motors are overheating? Do they get hot?

If your motors are easy to remove and put back on, I think you should add the little green motor clutches. Despite VEX’s advertisement of 2-wire motors not needing clutches, we have found that on wheel motors they go a long way to preventing overheating.
At the World Championships last year, our wheels used 4 269 motors without clutches. Our team played in 9 qualification matches there. We lost our first four matches because our drive base overheated, and then we were disqualified from our 5th match because we overheated while pinning another robot. Then, before the 6th match, we added the motor clutches. We won all of the matches after that. They really do make a difference.

Yes the wheel is on the 12 tooth sprocket I know it is over heating because it’s hot and I have to put frozen icepacks and a fan in between matches just to cool it off I will try the clutches too could I use the metal couplers though all of our green clutches are stripped

Our philosophy with clutches it to buy in bulk. Clutches and zip ties run out quickly with our team. We once went through over 100 zip ties in one build session.

The metal couplers will not do anything to help. I suggest buying many clutches.

only one hundred we go through about 100 a weekend
i use them instead of screws

we go through a bag of 1000 in a week or two. depends on how much we build. Zipties and rubber bands can fix basically anything. At least we think so.

we found a way to stop robots from tiping
your probably thinking i mean rubber band mechanism the physicaly stops it
well your wrong
we have all the structural pieces held on with zip ties to give it a little wiggle so it wiggles before it tips

I hate to be “that guy,” but using formal grammar would make your responses a lot easier to read. I have a hard time understanding and parsing them.

I love “that guy”

I agree with mediumdave. Our robot tipped once in a match, but never before has it “tiped.”

That’s all nice and dandy but I still could use a little help I upgraded my sprockets from a gray sprocket to a green sprocket that is a little bigger I think it is 18 or something was this a smart move I also put it on the back wheel

I think once I saw a mechanism that guy was describing I think it tiped too