Drive Train

I built a drive train with four motors and a ratio of 3:1. Can you guys tell me if it is likely to die in a tournament. Right now the robot is like 7 pounds and it can move ten pounds pretty fast.

While your robot might be able to drive with it’s weight currently, keep in mind that you are either pushing / lifting a Mogo depending on your design. Your gearing will work, but it will be very slow. I’d recommend doing a six motor direct drive.

Are you saying the drive train is slow? Really? Because right now it seems really fast.(Like really fast.)

Oops, I misread the ratio : /. I’d still recommend doing a six motor drive with that amount of weight. However, it is possible to mabye go by with a four motor direct…

he thinks your reffering to a 1:3 or a 3x increase in torque. Personally, i experimented with a 3:1 8 motor drive and it didnt work, as there was just too much inertia in the robot as it tried to move around.

I had thought that initially, but I realized he meant the had the gears set for speed.

Four motors is not enough for a 3:1 speed ratio. Your robot AND the objects it is lifting would have to be around 10 pounds or less, or the motors will quickly stall. I recommend speed internal gears direct drive on four motors.

I think that would work, because right now it is like 6/7 pounds and a mogo is like 2/3 pounds, so right now I think I am good.

Thank you for the information.