drive trains at worlds

I was wondering what everyones set up was at worlds this year please comment style, number of motors, and gear ratios.
We ran a 4 motor high speed direct drive on 4" wheels

Direct driven 6 wheel 3.25 tank drive with turbo motors

Trenton May it was nice to finally meet you at worlds!

6 motor turbo direct drive on 4" wheels

how did they use 6 motors can you provide a pic

turbo motor x-drive with 3.25 inch wheels… Our drive died a lot…

We used a 6 speed motor drive geared 2:1 (3.2:1 overall) on 6 3.25" wheels. We had omni wheels at the front and back of the robot and traction wheels in the middle.
EDIT: Spell Check did a bad thing to the word “omni” and made it omniscient. Don’t worry, our wheels aren’t omniscient, or our driver wouldn’t have rammed everything so much.

How fast did you get your robot to go in feet per second? Also, what gears did you use to get a 3.2:1 gear ratio?

This is the same that we had. The drive would die in pushing matches or 20 minutes of practicing, but lasted through matches and was one of the faster robots at worlds.

My team has a six motor H drive geared 1:2 which I’ve fallen in love with Haha.

I’m not sure how fast the robot goes in fps, since we’ve never tried measuring it, but it weighs about 16 pounds and at full speed bounces off the low goal bar about 6-8", so it’s pretty fast. As for what gears we used, it’s motors with high speed internal gearing and 2:1 sprockets externally.

Ours died quickly because of the excessive weight of our robot. It weighed 22 pounds the last time we checked.

Did you guys have any problem with the gears inside of your motors breaking when your made a sharp turn or reversed to hard? Were you using slew?

8 motors, 1:3 ratio, with a transmission. I’m thinking of doing a reveal later even though the season is over.

4 torque motors. 5:3 External Ratio.

Just wondering how heavy was your robot to need that ratio?

17 pounds.
I crossed the field in 3 seconds.

Oh why didn’t you go with a high speed drive rather than torque?

5:3 external ratio on torque motors is the same as high speed internal gearing.

So why wouldn’t you just do high speed internal gearing to save space?