Drive twitch

Hey guys. So our drive has been working just fine the past two weeks or so, (new bot and all) but yesterday and today it has started to freeze and spasm. Also one side goes backwards slower and full speed forwards at certain points in time. Any ideas?

I don’t really have enough info to make a certain response, but that sounds like what happened to my drivetrain when I geared it’s speed up too high.
How many motors are you using and what’s your ratio (internal and external)?

Also, I doubt that it’s a code problem, but just in case it is, please show your drive code.

We have a 6 motor drive internally turbo geared. (I think that’s 2.4)

I don’t have the code on me but I have seen it and I am sure that it isn’t code based.

For the one side going faster thing, take the shafts out of the motors and free spin each wheel. If one or two are spinning for much shorter times, try to relieve some of the friction

It’s only slowing down in reverse.

It can’t hurt to try it
Otherwise I would think it would be a bad motor

Alright. I’ll check that out.