Drive Two Motors Off One Channel?

I have two 393 motors, each one driving one of two shafts on a vehicle chassis. I have no Micro Controller on board, just a Signal Splitter. I currently drive one motor from channel 2 and one motor from channel 3 on the 6 Channel FM Transmitter. Is there a way to drive both motors from a single channel? This will free up one of the channels for steering the front wheels via a servo motor.

The only way is going to be using a y cable to split the signal from the port. The signal splitter has no way to be customized with code so you will have to purchase a Y cable.

Thanks tabor473 for the prompt response. Would “splitting the signal from the port” risk damaging the Signal Splitter, especially with 393 motors?

No damage but you will need something like this.

Thanks tabor473, I will pick up the Y pack at my local Vex reseller.