What do you guys recommend for a fielding drive.
I am currently using a 4 High speed direct drive to 4 in wheels.

It depends quite a bit on the rest of your setup. If you plan on using the pneumatic s instead of the extra two motors, then that would probably be the most common option. If your robots heavy, then you may need higher torque. If you have the availability of more motors, then use a 6 motor drive. If you have a shooting mechanism that can only shoot from 1 position, you’ll probably want more speed or power as you’ll be moving back and forth a lot. I you got a flywheel that can shoot from pretty much anywhere on the court, this may not be as big a priority for you. I like speed in my drive so I use the equivalent of 6 turbo motors on 4" wheels.

We have no pnuematics and have a Flywheel/Puncher design. it is not heavy but it is large.
Also, should we lower our center of gravity to almost the ground or is 1.5 in off the ground good.

If it’s just 1.5" that’s fine, you just don’t want all your weight on the very top. And I would highly recommend against lowering the robot down if it works fine now, because having decent ground clearance can help a ton to get onto ramps or lifting platforms, which is an important trait to have if you don’t have a lift (not sure if you do).

I don’t have a lift.
Plus I am getting ready for TSA State and Rankings is held by Skills and tournament is head to head(so no lifting).

On my last iteration which was of a puncher flywheel combo design, we ran a 2:1 on 3.25" wheels that never burned out but was only moderately fast. For skills we then moved to 3:1, which burned out after some hard driving. For our new robot, we are running a direct driven turbo motors on the same wheels which has yet to burn out and is nice and fast.

how much motors did you use

We used 4 motors.

We installed 4 turbo motors on 4" omni wheels after state to our robot to see how it would do. The robot weighed 16 pounds and could get around the field quickly and we have not stalled yet while driving.

Currently our bot does field and preloads but we have 4 torque motors chained 2.4:1 on 3.25 inch omni wheels and it is a great speed. On full battery, top speed is about 4 feet per second. However this drive base requires practically an all aluminum build. Our robot is all aluminum weighing in at 11 pounds

Why would you chain it to 2.4 when you could just buy turbo internals? Or did you just not wanna buy them, it might make it so there is less friction

We’re using a C-Base with 4 x 4" omni wheels with 4 turbo geared motors directly driven to the wheels. However the front are driven through 4 x 60 Tooth gears to move the motors away from the front.
And our whole robot is all Aluminium

NattyMan0007, what’s the weight of your robot? I wonder what is the maximum weight that a 4-turbo- motor drive can handle?

The current weight is under 5kg but however it will increase as we add our linear puncher.

A whole aluminium robot is much lighter than a whole steel one too

Our robot is basically all aluminium. The gearbox right now is a 1:1.6 with a high speed motor. There is also a 36 tooth idler that may have caused friction. It’s interesting because our robot is about 15 pounds but the drive train still keeps stalling.

My drivetrian at the moment is 6 motor 2.1 on four inch wheels.