Drivebase won't turn properly - it lags

The robot is a bit heavy and motors are squeaking. I am new to VEX Robotics.

Hello RobotGirl01, welcome to the forum.

Thanks for posting the video. You get a +20 points for doing a video for the first post.

Your comment that the robot is big is correct. I’m going to assume just two drive motors, on the left and one on the right.

Can we get a better picture of the drive train. In gearing D-I-D-I-D where D=drive and I=idle or intermediary) the size of the intermediary gear doesn’t make a difference. But it looks like the size of the forward driven gear is different from the rear driven gear. So showing the gears can help. It looks from the video that the front driven gear is bigger than the back one.

(It’s also hard to hear the squeaking with the EMS noises in the background)

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To see if the gearing is the issue, try driving it with the robot lifted off of the ground. If that works, then your wheels are spinning at different speeds. You will need to use the same size gear for both wheels.

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