Driven turntable -- Parts list to complete???


I am attempting to put together a driven turntable as per video located here

I am struggling with the web site and documentation to complete this.

Per example, I have ordered:
Turntable Bearing Kit P/N: 276-1810
2-Wire Motor 393 P/N: 276-2177
Gearing included in 393 motor does not mesh with large turntable 66 tooth gear.

Your video at 0.21sec ( shows a metal gear with a hob or extension, and what looks like a long square driveshaft. I can not find this documented anywhere on your website, and can not locate the precise parts needed to complete this assembly. See attached picture showing pinion gear mated to 393 Motor.

[ implies that only turntable bearing and motor are needed. This has proved to be inaccurate.

“First Degree
(1) Large Turntable Bearing
Powered by (1) VEX Motor 393
Flush Mounted to Base Plate”

  • Please advise on the ‘complete’ list of parts (with part number and direct web link) needed to complete mate the 393 Motor to Large turntable base such that it can drive the 66T gear and rotate the turntable base.

George]( implies that only turntable bearing and motor are needed. This has proved to be inaccurate.)


Sorry for the confusion, hopefully this will help clear things up.

The gearing included in the 393 motor is used to change the internal gear ratio for the motor. For the 393 motor to interface with the Large Turntable Bearing, a 12-Tooth Pinion must be used. A Shaft Collar should also be used to retain the pinion. The motor can be mounted using (2X) 6-32 x 0.500" screws. All of these items are available at the links below.

2-Wire Motor 393

Metal 12-Tooth Pinion (12-pack)

Shaft Collar (16-pack)

Drive Shaft

#6-32 Screws [

Let me know if you have any further questions,