Driver Change Over

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick question: Do we have to do a driver change over in the Vex Iq challenge.
I couldn’t find the answer in the Game Manual.


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Rule G8 is the one you need to look at, paying special attention to the big blue box underneath.


You said:

If you go to the game manual and look at rule G8, you will find the answer to your question.
Under rule G8 is a big blue box - this has got some really important information regarding that rule.

Where in the world are you located? This might also help other forum members in your region clarify what is happening in your area.

Totally didn’t see that part in the game manual. Thank you so much for the help!

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This Q&A ([Coaches confused about G8 : Robot Events]) adds some important info to rule G8 that should appear in the next rule update, clarifying when use of the single-driver rule is okay and when it isn’t.


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