Driver/Coaching Practice

How often do your drivers practice, and how much time do you think the drivers should spend driving their robot before worlds?

the poll options are weird for the questions maybe it should be asked in total hours, my team practices when the robot is completed which is usually 1-3 weeks before a competition, also my team dose not practice that much we have an extremely adaptive driver who also programs everything the way he wants it (very convenient for everyone) and the coach (myself) dose not coach him during practice all the time, we have been a driver/coach combo for 3 years now and have figured out how do get the job done.

My team has a competition in 2 weeks so we are hopefully going to practice the next two meetings.

We usually practice 1-3,4 hours… If we don’t run into any problems.

We usually spend the week or two before competition testing our robot and programming, so this is the time when we start practicing driving. Last year for Worlds, we didn’t rebuild anything so we spent almost all of the time between the last regional and Worlds practicing and programming. Also, when practicing, it’s good to have your coach there too to practice any strategies you might have, and to practice taking instructions from them. (Hint: Get a coach if you don’t have one, even if it’s only to do match loads for your team.)

We practice when we finish the robot. Then we fix what broke and improve what didn’t work well.
At Pan-Pacific last year, we finished building the robot literally the morning of the tournament, so we had 0 practice.
If we do finish before a tournament, likely all of the time spent will be spent practicing for the drivers/coach and then making improvements. We also like to give the programmers time by themselves to test autonomous, when the drive team simply wouldn’t meet.

which competition?

My team is attending here: