Driver control code for 2 motor drivetrain

How can we code for left arcade with a two motor drivetrain?

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Same way you would for a 4 motor drive train, but instead of 4 wheels, you only have 2.

On another note, why are you doing only 2 motors?

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They are geared together to conserve space. Do you have code examples?

Just write the code the way you would for a 4 motor drive, but omit the motors that dont exist.

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It is a drivetrain not individual motors.

That shouldn’t change it too much. You can just program the drivetrain as 2 motors, instead of a single entity. And unless you’re trying to power it all on one motor (which I would not advise), then it is a drivetrain composed of 2 individual motors and their assemblies that move your chassis as well as the connected bits.

Also, what programming software are you using? That information would be very helpful.

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Vex V5 block code not c

If you are using the drive train grouping in VEXcode V5 Blocks, you don’t need to program anything. All you need to do is go to controller settings and click on the joysticks until you get the drive setting that you want. I would recommend setting up your motors in your drivetrain individually and then learning how to program them for left arcade because it is much more useful and informational.

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Will that setup in devices work in competition driver control? I was concerned since there isn’t any drivetrain code under our “when driver control” block.

It should. To check that, you would either use the competition switch or just check using your controller.