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I was hoping that the shipping boxes for the VEX Balls would become the standard. Much easier for field re-setters as well to use the boxes and see a perfect visual count of balls to go to each corner. Very easy to make a mistake with the bags on count. I wonder if US Nationals and Worlds will provide 2 boxes for each corner? With the current rule, teams may get handicapped at events that only provide a sack for 2 robot alliance to load out of, going to be difficult for high speed shooters, but will slow fast teams down and help slow shooters keep up. Good Question to post 185A and thinking ahead.

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Could this rule be reconsidered? I ask because I’ve been testing some launchers with firing rates well in excess of 2 balls per second, and at this rate it becomes almost impossible to reliably get balls out of the bag fast enough, even with two people loading. Just putting the balls into a cardboard box before loading makes this much easier. I know that boxes are allowed if they are provided for all teams at an event, but I don’t think that will be very common because of the extra hassle for event partners and low demand from most of the teams.

At events with raised fields, it will be necessary to have a third team member holding the bag while the other two load, eliminating the possibility of an adult coach. If teams could bring a cart or similar item to the field to set the bag on, or if tournaments with raised fields were required to provide them, this would be very helpful for smaller teams that can’t have 3 student members per team at every tournament.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

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Thanks, I’m glad I’m not the only one concerned about this. It just seems odd to me that the rate limiting factor for firing rate this year won’t be the robot, just how fast the drivers can pull balls out of a bag. I do understand the rationale behind not allowing carts or similar items in the alliance station because it would cause clutter and possibly be a safety hazard. But why should teams only be allowed to have boxes if event partners provide them?

This is the kind of rule that I think would be changed if there was enough popular opposition to it. The problem is that it only affects a very small subset of teams, especially now at the beginning of the season.

Anyway, does anybody know the rationale behind this rule? I don’t think the GDC would have a rule like this for no reason, I just don’t know what it is.

I think the rule is to prevent large PVC tube loaders, strange bulky feeders etc. Which I understand, they want it to be hand feed and interactive with drive team. I’m fan of the cardboard box the balls come in or one the same size for the pre-loads and driver loads. I think event partners will use the boxes for the ease of counting out balls and resetting the fields, if mandated as an option or not. Really need 2 boxes per alliance corner in case teams want to split up balls. If an event partner uses the bags it’s to slow teams down with high fire rate and slow down field resets. I plan to use 2 boxes per alliance corner and put a bag in each corner if someone wants to use it. 2 options that come with the game element kit.

Even better than the shipping boxes are 16x12x8" boxes, because there is no need to count, you just need to toss in the balls, and when you have 2 full layers there are 24 balls. This should make the field reset much faster and easier.

Home Depot has 16x12x12" boxes individually, so you can just use them as they are or cut them down a bit.

And Uline has boxes of the right size too, but they’re more expensive in bundles of 25 than Home Depot, lol. :slight_smile:

If it is important to have balls easily accessible, I think it would be a good idea for a team to offer the Event Partner to bring some identical boxes. It’s a win-win, and as long as you bring enough for every field, I don’t see any reason why they would say no.](

It would be great if that became the standard, unfortunately I think that a lot of event partners probably threw those boxes away. I just don’t like how teams have to rely on event partners for something like this.

Yeah, the sacks are really annoying when loading quickly, maybe they should make it legal for a team to bring a standardized box to contain their driver control loads.