Driver-control motion-sensor problem


I just updated to firmware 1.20, and everything seemed to go fine. But now, when I’m in driver-control mode and I try to turn, my robot automatically turns back to the position it was in previously. When I disconnect the motion sensor, this problem goes away. Has anyone else experienced this issue, and is there a fix for it?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Pumpkinplyer,

This is actually a feature in the Driver Control program to demonstrate what a Gyro Sensor can do (it measures the angle of the Clawbot continuously while driving, then returns the Clawbot to that position when the robot stops driving). If the Gyro Sensor is not plugged into the Robot Brain when the Driver Control program is run, this return-to-home spin behavior will not occur.

You can read more about what each of the sensors do in the Driver Control program in Section 6.2 of the Control System User Guide.


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