Driver control Plans

  1. Half PID control driver control, 1 button for automatic rolling and 2 button for automatically launching 3 frisbees at a time
    2 Double driver control, 1 for drive train, 1 for shooting.
  2. Completely automatic shooting using GPS sensor detection
  3. Normal driver control

Any more plans…

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Our robot plan is X drive with a rotating turret.

1: fully manual turret control
2: secondary driver does turret control
3: as X drive turns, turret turns in opposite direction, so it keeps facing the same way no matter what, making it easier to manual control after that
4: some form of odometry (likely tracking wheel) to always aim turret at high goal

Shooting the discs is going to be manual. Flywheel will be constant, just one trigger to use like a belt to push discs into the flywheel

Awesome idea. But I’m really curious how you are able to create a rotation turret for this season, I mean it’s nearly impossible to design a rotating turret with the amount of motors we are able to use

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Our current plan is:
4 motor X drive
1 motor turret rotation
1 motor flywheel
1 motor disc feeder
1 motor intake

Any other function will be done with pneumatics if we get them (like endgame expansion or a blocker)