Driver control program source or how to?

Hey guys, I made Armbot IQ and made it able to move by treads with additional motors, but i want the Driver control program source so i can control it’s moving. I made a simple Modkit program but the problem is that the motors doesn’t break and the claw doesn’t hold anything until i keep pressing the claw button, so can i have the program and edit it or you could tell me how to do it. Thanks.

Oh, thanks for that but unfortunately i don’t have a copy of ROBOTC, then how can i make a break or program it on ModKit?

Thanks very much. But if you can tell me how to use this block because what i did in Modkit is that i placed the motors and the brain and from the motor setting you can set which button from the controller powers the motor, without any blocks, i can see them but i don’t how to use them.

Hi Ahmad,

The values from the analog joysticks and buttons on the Controller are available in Modkit as purple sensing blocks. You can then set the value of a Smart Motor equal to the value from the Controller.

The attached photo shows an example of this:


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    2014-11-24 - Map a Controller Joystick Axis to Motor with Holding.PNG