Driver control programming help

Helllo! How do I program my button so that when I click a button the drivetrain move forward 2 revolutions?

Like i want to run part of my auton during driver control by pressing a button.

Thank you


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I am using vex codee

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Here’s an excerpt from our code, note that this is all in a while loop to continually check if the button is bring pressed:

if (Controller1.ButtonL1.pressing()) {
      ArmMotor.spin(forward, 100, pct);

Additionally, if you want to run the rest of your program simultaneously, you could try threading like so:

if (StackBumper.pressing() == true && StackerRunning == false) {

Thank you solo much!

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Can I make it so that the motors spins certain amount of degrees?

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Ohhhhhhh thank you!!

sure! Here’s an example of that.

RightMotor.rotateFor(cmdistance(10), rotationUnits::rev);

This is a blocking command as it stands, so if you want the rest of your code to run before this finishes you need to thread it through a function or add the boolean param


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Thank you so much for your help

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