Driver control to Autonomous code - Robot C

Hello there,

I have seen someone on the forum a piece of code which turns the driver run into an autonomous. Could someone give me a link to the post?


Searching with the keywords “autonomous memory” and “record motions autonomous” (both without quotes) bring up some interesting threads for discussion.

However, the thread you want is “jpearman’s programming challenge.” One of the submissions was autonomous record/playback.

I still have to post and discuss most of the programming challenge entries, still plan to do that, just haven’t had the time.

If you look up autoAuto, you should find a very good rerun program that is simple to implement.

If I remember correctly, you were using EasyC. It might be a bit more difficult to implement a rerun program there. I am not sure if there is a debugging stream.

Actually, it seems there is a terminal window in EasyC.

I know there is such a thing, but you’d have to use robotC, not easyC

The thread is a month old. Also easyc isn’t inherently impossible. Just none of the bits of code I have seen have been done in easyC.

To the OP. Write it yourself or at least try to talk to someone one on one about it. I know several of the teams that have auton recorders don’t release as a sort of gentlemen’s agreement that it is better for the community if new teams have to learn to code.

Everyone agreed not to submit one for jpearmans programming challenge but I guess 1 team didn’t get the memo.