Driver interface problems

We have started using the driver interface for our competition switch and for some reason it activate autonomous no matter what we do. Does anyone have ay experience with it? it is our first time using it.
I have the tournament manager software if that is useful.

Are you referring to the VEXnet Field Controller Kit?

If so:

  • You do need to use Tournament Manager to operate the Field Controllers.
  • Are you using a PC or a Mac?
  • Is the driver interface connected to the match controller, and the match controller is connected via USB to the Tournament Manager PC?
  • There is a test feature when connecting the Match Controller to the PC.

If you launch Tournament Manager, open the User Guide from the Help menu. Search for a page called Connecting the Match Controllers to Tournament Manager. The Set Up Field Controllers app allows you to test driver and auton modes.


If you use the competition switch, you do not need TM.

Do you switch to drive mode on the competition switch?
Do you connect the cable correctly?
Do you select your program and run it correctly?

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