Driver loads at Worlds

I was going over some info about how Worlds works, and I just realized that there is nowhere to put your driver load cones when loading them. I have a 2 person team, so there is no coach to help hold the cones for the loader, so perhaps we could make a tiny table-like platform that we bring with us each match to rest the extra cones on. Does anyone know if this would be allowed?

Interesting question; you should probably ask it officially.

In Nothing But Net I recall you could hold the balls in a box, but only the one supplied at the field. Some teams wanted permission to use their own box, but that was disallowed. Probably because some of them had a “speed loader” device built in to the box. I think it was a tube or funnel so that only one ball was presented at a time.

Anyway, it was disallowed, as I recall.

One thing to clear up right away is if they will let you build the boxes (if they have them) as a stand. In NBN they gave us boxes, but the kids had hold the box up, which really hurt their loading performance. When we asked if we could use the other boxes (in the corner) to set the box of balls on they said no. Unfortunately, we did all of our skills at the same set of fields with the same refs. Well, after walking around and seeing some other teams at the middle school area doing skills, they were allowed to use the boxes as a stand. We went back and asked if we could do that, they said no, we told them of the other groups allowing it, they made some calls, then they said yes. But, by then we were out of attempts and they wouldn’t let us do any make-ups. Point is, even though it is Worlds, not everyone is on the same page, so verify.

Skyrise had sort-of-similar driver loads. Does anyone remember what they did at Worlds for those?

Didn’t people just stack them together and take them from the top of that stack and place them in the loader?

And I can imagine it will be similar for this year… just stack the cones up and hold them in your arm or place the stack on the floor.

I really don’t think they will allow this. Generally, the idea is to provide a level or fair playing field for all teams. Hence, teams are only allowed to use whatever that will be provided for by the organiser.

They didn’t even allow teams to bring in stool for those vertically-challenged drivers.

PS… anyone remember what was the outcome of Jack (or was it Steven) Barker’s idea of taping boxes underneath the shoes? :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember Karthik said it was his favorite Q&A question ever. And the answer was “no.”

[edit: adding reference to posts where both @Karthik and @jpearman recall the post. Haven’t found the question itself yet.]

Got it:

Those were the fun days… lol…