Driver Motors Stalling

Our robot competed in our first event this past weekend and we made it to the quarter finals when we began to notice that the robot would keep stalling mid match, primarily the ones that were back to back. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do?

I will attach pictures once I get back to the robot.
Our robot has a DR4B that is operated by 4 393 motors and uses 6 motors to drive with 4 of those 6 motors connected to the cortex via y-cable.

Cool down the motors somehow, that’s usually the problem. Liquid propane (like in keyboard duster cans) and liquid nitrogen applied to the motors works very well for us.

We were doing that (turning keyboard dusting cans upside down) however that only worked for approx 45 seconds into the match. Every match we lost was due to the robot overheating.

There’s really not much you can do other than something like a slew rate for the drive train and the lift. Although that’s territory I haven’t explored yet. You could probably find some examples and such somewhere on the forum.

If you are using turbo motors and your bot is a pretty good weight, turbo motors cut out when too much weight is put on them. You may even have a bad cable that has a short in it, because that has happened to me before. But, if they are turbo motors, replace the motors with your normal 393. If you dont know if its turbo or not, here is a link that shows a chart midway down the page that goes over the gearing in the motors. ------ A regular motor has a 10 teeth gear to a 32 teeth gear. there are two sides to the motors, and to change a turbo to a regular, take the bottom part of the motor out, check the gearing, and if its not a standard 393, change it, and if it is standard, dont worry about it, and screw it back on. Hope this helps!